This website has been created to share, distribute and showcase the photos I have been taking as an amateur photographer since 2007. I currently take photos officially for the Malta Motorsport Federation and other than specialising in motorsport, I am also particularly interested in aviation and sports in general. I also enjoy photographing wildlife and travelling.

About me

Got into the world of photography through my interest in Motorsport and Aviation. Since preparing a car or getting the PPL seemed to be a bit too expensive and required a lot more commitment than I could commit, I (foolishly) decided to opt to get behind the lens instead. I've long come to realise that I was wrong yet I have never regretted the decision.

Currently, I help the Malta Motorsport Federation and other motorsport events with their photography needs.

Latest albums

  • Mdina Grand Prix - 2014
  • Air Malta 9H-AEI - Retro livery
  • Etna Climb
  • Malta Falconry Center
  • Paqpaqli ghall-Istrina 2013
  • Belgian Grand Prix - FP2